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Usage Policies

The Uniko store offers clear terms of use. Please read them carefully and all our conditions on this page. These conditions are not exceeded or retracted for any reason. In the case of depositing any money in the Uniko store wallet, it becomes only for use within the site and cannot be returned for any reason. In the case of sending any amount Incomplete To purchase any product, you will wait for 24 hours to complete the amount. If the amount is not completed, the order will be canceled and the amount will be transferred to the wallet and cannot be returned. In the case of using the same notice for more than one order or more than one account, your account or all accounts will be blocked without refund. If a valid or error notice is not attached, or the sales center is not written, your account is not charged or the product order is executed, if we obtain a valid payment proof for one of our accounts. ) with the payment of a transfer commission again. In the case of any request by mistake, it will not be undone, whatever the reason. In the case of using more than one account on the site, all accounts will be suspended with the balance frozen and no amount will be refunded to me after verification if this is used In the accounts in the uncle Fake invitations. If you use referral links from yourself or from other devices that follow you and not other people, you will be detected by our system and all your accounts will be banned permanently. If you share your account with anyone else, your account will be suspended. Using false countries and data, your account will be suspended. In case you forget your account data, there is no way to retrieve it except using your email to reset the password. Game. In the case of transferring your account to a merchant account, you must first charge your account with an amount of 10,000 thousand pounds that is not refundable, then fill out the application form for transferring your account to a merchant account, after verifying your data and deducting 1,500 pounds as fees for transferring the account to a merchant account. In the case of submitting a prior request Payment is not refunded for any reason. We do not have any social networking pages or numbers and methods of purchase or communication other than those found at the bottom of the site, quick chat and contact form only. Any pages or numbers that use our name, please make sure of them before dealing with them. All terms of service for the Alunko store site are subject to change without prior notice, and you must review them every period for the safety of your account and

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